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Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Sign

I have been so busy working on finishing my basement in my house that I haven't had much time to do any crafts. If I had been thinking I could have taken some pictures and done a "how to" on staining and glazing trim or glazing walls.  I am still not done so maybe there is still the chance for that.  I have an amazing brother in law that works for Salt Lake Mill and he got us a great deal on knotty alder trim.  If you are interested in trim or interior or exterior doors, treads for stairs, or hand rail let me know and I will get you his info.  I should do a whole post just about him.  HMM I wonder if he would share his profits with me?  LOL 

Well April is here and so that means a new sign for the porch post.  I was thinking this months would just be something simple...HA!  It took FOREVER applying all that vinyl and getting it straight and repeating the process many many times for the signs I have ordered.  Thank goodness my hubby is willing to lend a hand.  I'm a lucky girl!  Well here it is.  A little different than I usually do but variety is good!

Subway art is very popular right now and I really like it.  I actually bought this layout from My vinyl designer  They offer so many new layouts of subway art.  I also did something new with the paint.  I painted it an off white color, but I am sick of the bright white on my signs so I wanted to make it look old and dirty so I glazed it.  I think the dirty look of the wood looks cool with the bright colors of the vinyl.  HAPPY EASTER!!

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